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Posted by intelligentexerciserx on February 28, 2012

Mark Asanovich and I were “brain storming” over the weekend. How do we adhere to our Mission Statement and reach larger numbers of people.


Mission Statement

To disseminate evidence-based neck strengthening protocols and principles to health care practitioners, coaches, parents and the general public to prevent the prevalence and severity of cervical neck injury and mild traumatic brain injury/concussions in a manner that is prudent, productive, practical & purposeful.

We wrestled with this problem for the last two days. If you remember the movie Jerry McGuire, he wanted fewer clients,which did result in less money, but better personal attention for his clients. Similarly, We want more DVDS in the hands of coaches, athletic trainers, strength coaches, even parents.

We had an epiphany. Lower the price to 59.95 for as long as we can.More DVDs distributed. We want to  remove any excuse  not to buy the DVD and Manual Package because of budget restrictions. Mark and I want to ensure everyone has the knowledge to Protect Their Athletes.

Right NOW Football players around the country at all levels are preparing for a Collision Sport. Are their coaches prepared to train them? From a Conscientious or Liability stand point, there should be  a sense of urgency for coaches to obtain the skill set to PREPARE and PROTECT their Athletes.

This is not just about Football. All athletes need to Properly train the muscles of Head and Neck. All athletes need to protect and prepare the musculature that surrounds the cervical spine.

So what about the proactive people that have already purchased our DVD?  We wanted to be fair to them because they bought our product because they wanted to be on the cutting edge of Preparing Athletes for the Rigors of their Sport. When we begin certifying Head and Neck Training Specialist starting in March, anyone who has purchased the DVD Prior to our price reduction will receive a 25.00 dollars credit towards the price of the certification.


When you chose to be a coach YOU were immediately Charged

with the  Responsibitily of keeping them safe and

preparing them for competition.  We give you the tools to take care




  1. Ellen Altman Milhiser said

    Have you talked to DoD, particularly Army and Marine Corps, about disseminating this information? Preventing mild concussion (or mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI)) is HUGE in military medicine.

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